I am…

…a Radio Junkie.

Yes, I still listen to the radio.  But not the free one (anymore).  Satellite has been my saving grace during long hours in the car and across state lines.  And somehow, singing calms my nerves while navigating crazy NY/NJ roads.

…a Master Optimizer.

I’m all about efficiency, always thinking about how to make things better and faster.  Of course I don’t like to sacrifice quality though.  Another thing I think about a lot when driving.

…a Savory Treat Aficionado.

Some people can’t say no to sweets- for me it’s savory food.  Kind of like a “ranch tooth”, I have a salty tooth.  I’d pass on dessert most of the time for the chance to eat more french fries.

Oh- and I create websites.  Check out the Portfolio page for some examples.